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Projects I have worked on in a professional capacity

  • MBAstack

    Azure, Python and Frontend

    Tasked with improving the fetching of 3rd party data with celery tasks by using bulk creates and updates and utilized generators for more efficient memory usage. Adding new features to the frontend and backend django apps and adding tests for new and old functionality of the apps. Improve infrastructure and move to a CI/CD setup on Azure using containers on App services for the web apps and ACI for the celery tasks

  • Radically Digital

    GCP, Python and Frontend

    Tasked with helping out with a stalled project. I was involved in fixing bugs, types and pull requests to be inline with coding standards on the frontend app written in Typescript using React. I was also tasked with fixing a scheduler job in Cloud Scheduler to publish scheduled report jobs and also ported it from js to python due to devop requirements. I also added functionality to a Cloud Function based report generator written mostly in pure python to be event based and subscribe to said published report job via a topic and process BigQuery data to generate internal report excel and json objects and store in Cloud Storage for retrieval through the frontend once generated. Also added tests for all new features I added and some old features especially for the Cloud Functions.

  • JB Drax HonorĂ©

    AWS, Python and Frontend

    Started off porting bits of an in-house desktop app built in Kivy to Django then added complete CI/CD workflow for the Django app in AWS using CodePipeline, CodeBuild, CodeDeploy to deploy an EC2 instance inside VPC with load balancer for automated deployment. Continued with adding new functionality to the Django app including automated fetching of US Treasury Bonds data with celery tasks using redis backend, allowing traders to add House Strategies, ability for clients to clone and alter House Strategies or create their own from calculating specific data of products. Started adding server sent events to update clients with polled data from ION group financial data api which uses pyspark to make queries etc.

  • Mapstand

    AWS, Python and Frontend

    Worked on the main rest API and an inhouse article tagging app using Vue.js. Both using django and django rest framework with postgresql databases. Setup unit/integration testing for both server code and frontend code on the article tagger app then introduced continuous integration using AWS CodeBuild then did the same for the rest API where applicable. Added server-sent events(push notification) to the article tagger app using django-channels with a rabbitmq backend along with map interations using OpenLayers and postGIS extension for postgres plus many other features. Setup docker for local development for other developers and worked on ansible playbooks for deployment.

  • Lumesse Learning

    Java and Frontend

    I was working on e-learning apps and games using jQuery/Vue.js for clients such as Barclays, Rolls Royce, Vodafone and Ernst & Young. I Also wrote an H.Html 5 test suite for the company so that clients could test which features were working while developing new projects and built a plugin for Jira in Java.