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Projects I have worked on in a professional capacity

  • Dabapps

    Python and Frontend

    Worked on a few projects from legacy to greenfield, adding new features to planning and implementing new builds. All Django based, from versions 1.8 – 1.11 with all latest projects written using rest (DRF) with single page apps (React) on the frontend.

  • BookMyGarage

    Python and Frontend

    First project for Dabapps. I added new features using Django framework with MySQL database and fixing bugs on the api backend and frontend plus frontend changes using jQuery

  • ScorpionTrack

    PHP and Java

    I was tasked with removing all database functionality from a Java netty server application that communicated with the satellite tracking units and converting the message data to json and sending it to a PHP server. Also rewriting some of the java functionality in PHP for storing and processing the tracking unit message data and added some extra functionality on the current codeigniter site.

  • Plainsail

    PHP and Frontend

    Greenfield project doing both frontend and backend, with contact form written in PHP with swiftmailer library for emails

  • Premier Lets


    Built a wordpress plugin for the homepage to display the featured lets and sales selected by the admin for display plus refactored and updated old php code in the theme